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What Is Change Fatigue?

Imagine you are a sports professional who just discovered that your coach is about to be implementing changes to your exercise and diet routines. The heightened curiosity to find out more about the change may influence certain emotions (Excitedness to Anxiety).  Likewise, it is common that leaders may apply multiple changes to your work, how would you feel about it?

Change is imperative in our VUCA world.

To stay relevant in the market, business leaders adopt organisational changes. The magnitude and frequency of the change implemented is something that is often overlooked by business leaders. 

How we react to these changes sets the lifespan of this change.  

In the pursuit of implementing change, the impacts of change on team members may have been unintentionally neglected, especially when too many changes at once, causing a wave of confusion and uncertainty within the organisation.

Team members may not comprehend the change rationale. This can be likened to a situation where the new sports coach overhauls the entire exercise and diet plans that may seem incongruent to the current system.

The tsunami effect of changes would most likely leave team members feeling "down and out"

In organizations, team members welcome change with hopes that the new initiatives and systems adopted by business leaders would make the team's life better and increase profits. No doubt, team members wish the best for the companies that we work for and believe that our leaders have our best interest at heart. 

Now, it is imperative to define change fatigue with 2 distinct categories namely "Tsunami Of Changes" + "Down & Out", we shall explore more into these 2 categories in the next article.


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