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Fire up Hearts & Minds with New Capabilities and Inspiration

As the battle for top talent grows ever more competitive, employee training and development programs are increasingly important. Quality training and development can help you retain the right people and increase revenue. Hiring top talent can be time-consuming and costly, which makes it all the more wasteful to not continuously develop this talent once acquired. With technology and globalization making it progressively easy for organizations to upskill smart and fast, it is crucial to ensure that your organization is not just capable of closing skill gaps, but of paving the way. It is essential that the potential and preferences of all learners in your organization are tapped into as these training and development programs directly impact your bottom line.

Setting up the right training for your employees isn't necessarily the easiest thing to plan. That's because there's no one-size-fits-all solution available. All too often, employees are thrown into a workshop that doesn't address their needs. They leave the workshop just as clueless as to how to solve their issues as when they first entered, and you've just blown through your training and development budget for nothing.

Some reasons for training and development workshops not working and causing the organization to remain stagnant in its learning are

  • The program doesn't address the actual situation in the organization and assumes people will know how to apply once they leave

  • The supervisors are not trained to support the staff after a workshop to coach them to allow the new methods to take roots

Organisations need to identify their weak points and contextualise the training programs so that it can address the current challenges the team members are facing.

A top-tier organization doesn't just have its members maintain their existing skills, they have them learn new ones ahead of the others in the market to lead the change. Training programs, when administered intelligently, increase confidence and promote a healthy learning culture. 

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