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NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) has partnered with Alvigor to run training and career coaching services for Singaporeans. 

Are you at a career crossroads and hope to seek some guidance in your job search? 

What is group coaching and how does it benefit me?

Group coaching is a collaborative group learning environment that allows you to gain insights and knowledge, from the expertise of our facilitators and experiences of peers/participants. 

Not only does group coaching accelerate your learning and growth, but it also expands your network which is important in your job search journey.

The following will be covered during the group coaching session:

✅  Labour market information and staying resilient during contraction of the economic climate
✅  Job search avenues and networking
✅  Resume writing and handling of job interviews
✅  Develop an action plan for yourself with a career coach


No matter which stage of your career you are at, you can reach out to e2i career coach for an assessment of your needs and competencies thus supporting you throughout your career journey. 

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