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Internship Program 


The Alvigor Internship Program is a highly intense and rewarding experience. To achieve great success and growth, you need to be 100% committed to getting out of your comfort zone, handle uncertainty with finesse, willingness to rework on work packages to reach excellence and be ready to go at it again when the sun comes up again tomorrow. This is isn't just an internship. It's a power-packed learning journey. (Here's a quirky guide put together by our Alumni)

Who typically gets into our Internship program?

We are open to any candidate who shows a fighting spirit and proves conviction to want to be part of a Change consultancy such as Alvigor. The majority of our previous interns were Psychology, Mass Communication, Political science, Statistics and English Majoring interns. The ability to research widely and assimilate the information to make sense of them is something we look for in every potential applicant. 

Things to note before you apply

Official Internship

You need to make the necessary arrangements with your school and get permission from them BEFORE you apply with us. The preparation for this process needs to be done early so that the time to embark on the internship will be significantly reduced. Only if your academic institutions acknowledge your time with us it is called an internship. 

Unofficial Internship

We have many candidates every year who would like to use their vacation time productively and take up a 3-month internship with us. These aren't technically called Internships. They are classified as contract work. Nonetheless, rigor and mentorship will be uncompromised. 

Qualified Referees 

You will need to give us at least 3 people whom we can contact to do a reference check on you. They cannot be family members or friends. Insufficient references will put you at a disadvantage. 

Answer the following questions with a YES, NO or MAYBE : 

1 I deal with high-pressure situations without cracking.

2. I have methods to fire myself up every day with extraordinary Vigor.

3. I don't whine or try to gain sympathy from others by telling them how tough life is. 

4. I can concentrate intensely for prolonged periods.

5. I am willing to work on weekends if needed.

6. I have the skills to manage uncertainty and constant change.

7. I am humble enough to receive feedback daily and take direct instructions.

8. I follow up and follow through the work packages given to me. 

9. I don't need a  participation ribbon and a pat on the back for everything I do. I know how to take care of myself.

10. I am loyal to the people who take the time and effort to mentor me. 

If the answers to any of these questions isn't an instant vehement YES!  Please click this link for a magical experience 

If the answers to all of these questions is a loud Braveheart like YES!

please click the Apply button below.  You need a password to get in. 

(Clue : Last name, 5th Discipline

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