Do you know what your value is to a prospective employer or client?

Do you know how to best describe and pitch yourself?

Do you know who the most important contacts are in your database?

Is your job going to be redesigned?

Will company restructuring impact your role?

Are you struggling to answer any of these questions?

We can help by offering these services to you:



What is it?

Understand where you stand in terms of your Level of Readiness, Strategy and Drivers by taking an ONLINE multiple choice quiz​

What it measures?

  • Change readiness

  • Strategy

  • Satisfaction

  • Drivers

How does it help?

  • Planning your Career in the years ahead, by understanding which Career Drivers are most important to you but are not being fulfilled

  • Career coaches will guide you on how to use this information for your Career Development



What is it?

  • 1st consultation session is done after completion of ​the Career Diagnostic Report (CDR).

    • Online

    • 30 mins ​

    • Non-Obligatory & Confidential

    • Free 

  • 2nd consultation session​

    • In-Person


How does it help?

  • 1st consultation 

    • Opportunity to 1) assess if coaching can meet your needs, 2) address any questions with regards to the process, 3) briefly dive into CDR

  • 2nd consultation

    • In-person meetings with a qualified career coach to understand your professional profile, challenges & goals. Career coach will work with you to understand your career options and help you decide which one may best suit you, along with an action plan that you can follow to achieve your goals.



What is it?

  • Executive Workshops

    • Job Search Strategy​

    • Powerful Self-Introductions

    • Networking Effectively

    • LinkedIn 2.0

    • 90 Day Plan

    • Decoding Hiring Managers to Ace interviews

    • Essential Checklist & Templates


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