You gotta engage the Heart!
You gotta engage the Heart!

Our Master Facilitator being his usual invigorated self.

Our wall of Frameworks.
Our wall of Frameworks.

This one brings back lot of memories. OD is such complex field with numerous framework, so we created this wall in our first office (which was only 100 sqm) to keep them in our view at all times.

Teambuilding in Clubmed Batam
Teambuilding in Clubmed Batam

What makes our teambuilding stand out is that we have develop many techniques to get the participants to talk about sensitive topics in a safe manner and to create real action plans that deliver results in 3 to 6 months. Teambuildings don't just have to ra-ra anymore. It can be Alvigorating!

You gotta engage the Heart!
You gotta engage the Heart!

Our Master Facilitator being his usual invigorated self.

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Alvigor is a multi-disciplinary Change Management Consultancy based in Singapore. 

With our team of expert consultants, we’ve supported numerous clients since 2014 on a variety of change projects.





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Image by Mimi Thian


Unifying teams in your organization by focusing on engaging all parts of a new organization to build a lasting; authentic relationship. These interventions have helped our partners to improve efficiency across their organisations, with better communication, work culture and satisfaction of its employees. 

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Improving compassion by addressing several factors, such as stress and job satisfaction. Alvigor takes an active approach to instil a sense of compassion within an organisation, doing so it has proven to bring about loyalty, dedication, collaboration and engagement of its employees. Our interventions have enabled individuals to acknowledge and appreciate the work they are doing for the organisation.


In a fast-paced era where innovation is key, creativity is essential to any organisation. By promoting creativity within an organisation, we find that employees provide innovative ideas and solutions to complex problems. Alvigor’s interventions have enabled organizations to achieve:

  • Better collaboration across an organisation

  • Increased workplace engagement and interaction

  • Improved ability to attract and retain quality employees

  • Increased staff morale, satisfaction, and happiness

  • Increased workplace problem solving and productivity

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