Diagnostic Analysis : how to apply (with a HR example )

The next type of data analysis is used by anyone who needs to understand why something happened in the past Do you need an analysis tool that helps to answer "Why did it happen?"

Diagnostic analysis is a special type of analytical technique using which the data is interpreted and analyzed properly to find out what happened.

Examples of how diagnostic analysis can be applied - Why are there no sales despite spending on FB sponsored ads? -Why do people leave items in the cart for a long time? -Why are the employee engagement scores getting poorer? -Why do my methods of job search not work?

The goal of the diagnostic analysis is to help you locate the root cause of the problem. Using the 5 Why method is a form of diagnostic analysis to find the root problem.

Example :

Why are the employee engagement scores getting poorer?

Answer : There has been a huge turnover in the past 9 months

Why has there been a huge turnover in the past 9 month? Answer : Majority of people left because of shift in leadership

Why was there a shift in leadership? Answer : Restructuring to maximize human resources

Why was there a need to maximize human resources? Answer : To reduce cost and overheads - to make the organization more agile

Why was there a need to make the organization more agile? Answer : To brace the employees for eminent changes to the business

The process of diagnostic analysis needs to be data centric rather than opinion based. Diagnostics helps you determine causal relationships between different data points. The main focus is find the anomalies as the discovery of root causes unfold Try it with a problem or challenge that you could be facing today! #sensemaking #LemonadeAndLearn #enablingchange #skillsfuture #futureskills #criticalcoreskills #changesareimportant #navigatechangewithease #thinkingcritically #criticalthinking #criticalcoreskillssingapore #singapore #softskills #softskillstraining #softskillsdevelopment #alvigorod #skillsfuturesingapore #ccs #ccssingapore #alvigor #dataanalysis #diagnosticanalysis



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