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The world in 2020 is facing unprecedented realities. From economic shifts due to global politics, to the meteoric rise of social media, to machine learning to a multi-cultural, multi generational workforce and to black swan phenomena, it's really cannot be business as usual. The conventional methods for achieving our Goals are lacking, for example, scale, and exclusive resources—are never again enough. The capacity of an organization to address these new real factors, adjust to the evolving conditions and convey striking change fundamental to its relevance. Organizations have to learn how to straddle between the stability of current systems while participating actively, frequently and enthusiastically in Change programs. Many Organisations bring in CEOs and senior officials with this unequivocal order to accelerate Change to reach their Goals

Regardless of the considerable resources, organisational change programs have an inconsistent record (proof shows that half of the change programs neglect to accomplish their goals; the disappointment rate increases to 75% for progressively complex projects. In fact, the conventional way to deal with change management is itself needing change.

And executives need to fully understand the obstacles that cause transformation projects to come up short. In worldwide studies, two variables are increasingly perceived as the main sources of disappointment:

  • An absence of clear milestones to check the progress

  • Inadequate commitment by key stakeholders and leaders

Victory in Change requires beating these predicaments head-on, through a holistic, far-reaching and organised change effort that incorporates the correct blend of new thinking, processes, procedures, metrics, and practices.

In addition, building enduring change abilities has become a tremendous accelerator of Agility.  Organizations that are eager to get the show on the road to confront the real difficulties of change initiatives are far better prepared to adapt to the new changes.

Moreover, building superior and lasting change capabilities has become a competitive advantage. Companies that are ready, willing, and able to face the challenges of change initiatives are better equipped to manage new changes over time.

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Active leadership, speed, employee inclusion, and behavioral change are all crucial in change management today. Learn how to implement them and make change stick by exploring Alvigor’s latest insights.

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