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Ramesh Muthusamy has been in field of Learning and Development since 2002.

He is currently at the helm of Alvigor OD’s Learning & Development Unit.


  1. Ramesh ranked as the Best Speaker in the International Debates called “Bridging Minds” in 1997

  2. He was the team captain for the Singapore Press Holdings Geography Challenge 1998 which involved creating Informative Presentations based on Singapore’s Challenges and Socio-Political Issues

  3. He won the Pan South East Asia Public Speaking Championships in 2002 beating contestants from 6 Asian Countries Including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brunei

  4. In 2002 he was competed with a few thousand contestants and emerged as the 2nd Ranking Speaker outside of North America (Contestants came from countries like Australia, Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Latin America, Europe)

  5. In 2006 he won the Singapore Orator Award

  6. In 2011 he once again emerged as a District Champion in Public Speaking and competed in Las Vegas.

  7. Has trained a few hundred participants over the years to become more effective in a short period of time through his special intensive Scaffolded Methodology©.



13 years of expertise in (Management & Change) consulting, Organizational Learning Development and Value Innovation with extensive experience in Enabling Change , Developing Leadership and Enhancing Employability combined with exposure to regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. 

Obtaining his Masters in leadership (organisational learning) enables interventions to reach maximum effectiveness and efficacy. Driven to impact change at all organisational levels ( C suite-middle management-bottom line).

Driver of Operational Excellence to establish the successful integration of support and front facing business units. Consistent Determinant of project successes attributes from his balance of methodical and innovative approaches to achieve overall end customer success.
Well versed in various industry sectors which includes Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, FMCG , Engineering & Services. Recognised for his commitment and dedication in his projects to achieve sustainable results for the organisations to facilitate change process for the projects. His projects resulted in 66% of the workforce embracing organisational values in action and 96% engagement level throughout the initiatives rolled out.



+65 6268 6286 (9am to 5pm)

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