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Organisational Development

possible approach for your Organisation?
  • Provide opportunities for people to function as human beings and to develop to their full potential rather than as cogs in a machine.

  • Increase the effectiveness of the organization by being more unified towards the Goals.

  • Create an environment in which it is possible to find invigorating and challenging work.

  • Engage everyone  in your organizations to influence the way in which they relate to work, the organization, and the environment

  • Treat each human being as a person holistically with a complex set of needs, all of which are essential to their work and their life


results Alvigor OD methodologies deliver 
  • Your Team member's level of inter-personal trust with each other will increase in a measurable way.  

  • Get more of your team members to feel higher levels of satisfaction and commitment to their teams and your Organisation. 

  • Activate your team members to confidently and proactively deal with problems with courage instead of neglecting them.

  • More effective management of conflicts using new tools and Alvigor frameworks. 

  • Foster a spirit where everyone wants to cooperate and collaborate more instead of the usual silo mentality. 

  • Increase your Organisation's innovative spark using better Design Sprints, Hackathons and facilitation techniques 

  • Development of better processes that will improve the ongoing operation of your Organisation. 


alvigor's methodology to OD 
  • We help make everyone in your organisation aware of the vision of the organisation. 

  • We help build your team member's problem-solving competency and make it safe for them to confront them so that things are not brushed under the carpet or neglected.

  • We start work on strengthening the inter-personal trust amongst the Leadership group first thereafter cascading to the rest of the Organisation. It's about helping people understand their current approach to things in life, how it came to be and what they can do to make a shift. 

  • We design and rollout engagement sessions to get everyone to participate in the process of planning, which makes them feel responsible for the implementation of the plan. This also increases their sense of worth and how they actually fit into the Organisation. 

  • We also concurrently work with the HR team to help create a work atmosphere in which team members are encouraged to work and to participate with invigoration

  • We provide consultation and help remap formal lines of authority with personal knowledge and skill

  • We build programs to prepare your members to align with changes and to break stereotypes so that we can help you accelerate the adoption, utilisation and proficiency levels.


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