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"3 out of 4 Employees Lack The Necessary Skills To Meet Current Job Requirements"

The Workforce Is Suffering From 

 Skills Gap

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The skill gap is  getting wider


Skills that employees have acquired in the past 5 years are insufficiently different from existing required skills.

According to the top 10 skills projected
by World Economic Forum, a skill such
as Active listening in 2015

is no longer relevant in 2020 .


The World
Economic Forum
projected that by
2022, at least
of all employees
will need reskilling
and upskilling to
keep up with work

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As digitalisation trends accelerates, employees need to developing skills  for future work that is dominated by digital technology and data.

By 2040

The way we work and learn will be vastly different from today. Advances in technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence are automating tasks that were previously performed manually by human workers.

"What you were taught 10-20 years ago is
fast becoming obsolete. Upskill yourself
and recreate your world.”

~ Nicky Verd ~

Taking charge of your own development is key to future proofing yourself.

Image by Jonathan Francisca

62% Of 4700 Respondents Agreed That Ownership Of Own Development  Is Important

Survey by Adecco & BCG

41% of respondents 

feel that training opportunities should be created by one ownself

Survey by Adecco & BCG

Research by Institute for the Future, there are 10 skills needed for the future workforce:

Sense Making
Social Intelligence
Novel & Adaptive Thinking
Cross-Cultural Competency
Computational Thinking
New-Media Literacy
Design Mindset
Cognitive Load Management
Virtual Collaboration


And Maps to 

Skillsfuture 16 Critical Core Skills 


Hard Skills are important and so are soft skills

Most Importantly,


soft skills are Highly Transferable

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