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3 Ways to Overcome Change Fatigue in Organisations

If there is anything to be understood about change, it is that it is inevitable to avoid resistance and fatigue. Humans aren't the easiest species to enable change in, however, it is not an impossible task. Even if there are individuals who support the change initially, it is also common that people either passively or aggressively resist change in time. This taxing nature of resistance would only result in change fatigue, which is detrimental in the overall success of the implementation.

Once you have realised that the change implementation is not going the way as planned and when you are growing more exhausted and disengaged with work, it is time to change direction and do something about it.

It is time to rethink the process. 

To ease into the change and not fall into the trap of change fatigue, team members would need to understand or be part of the process. Once there is a change in the motivation and productivity level in the organisation, the business leaders would re-evaluate where it went wrong and address the derailers and leverage on this as opportunities for growth.

Team members can be more receptive to the efforts put in by the business leaders to make the change implementation easier. 

Another reason why the team member could be feeling change fatigue is due to the lack of clarity on who dictates the direction of the change. As such, communication is key as team members must be proactive in aligning the roles and expectations with their leaders in ensuring that the chances of miscommunication are reduced. 

This issue can be addressed with a proper handover among the senior management and the communication pipelines need to be as clear as possible to reduce the miscommunications. 

Different changes implemented needs to be enabled by a team of agents that are well versed and have the cross-functionality modality. These agents can evoke excitement in the organisation. This would ease the team members into the change implemented and reduce the fatigue that upraises from the shift in routine. 

Change is constant in organizations when we discuss the topic of growth, and It is almost impossible to prevent change fatigue from happening.

A clear direction, role clarification and communication plan must be established before the implementation to reduce change fatigue in organizations. 


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