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5 Signs That You Are Experiencing Change Fatigue

In the previous article, we have addressed what is change fatigue and what causes it. Tsunami of changes and Down and out are the two key points we can simply define change fatigue in.

Tsunami of Changes refers to the ginormous load of changes that sweeps the organisation thus resulting in a tumultuous reaction from the team members and managers.

As a result, team members will tend to be more tired and demotivated to continue in such a face of adversity, causing a 'down and out' effect. So how do we know if we are being down and out?

Here are the FIVE signs of change fatigue:

  1. You are whinier and have more complaints regarding the changes implemented.  Do you notice yourself experiencing more irritation and reluctance to work towards the new tasks or the change in the flow of things? 

  2. You are becoming more disengaged with the change journey. Are you indifferent to the changes that are being implemented and just going with the flow? 

  3. You are no longer as productive and enthusiastic as before.  Does walking to your office make you wish the ground swallows you up? 

  4. You question the purpose of the changes.  As the changes are being implemented, do you think that there is no point in adapting to the change?

  5. You are feeling uncomfortable with the change. Ever feel like it'd be easier to just go ahead and do what you usually do instead of following the new structure?

If you can relate to or are experiencing any of these questions, you are potentially experiencing change fatigue. Team members would lose motivation and would get exhausted. This would result in the terminal stage of change implementation. This would not be ideal for the organisation. This is when the business leaders have to step in to set things right and set a new status quo for the organisation.  In the next article, we will talk about the different ways to combat change fatigue.  


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