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Creative and Critical Thinking

Can you practice creative and critical thinking? Find out by trying to guess the answer to the puzzle below!

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Critical thinking is an important skill in all aspects of life, especially in being a change enabler!

Critical thinking allows you to perform three steps:

1. Assess the situation Understand the context, stakeholders, risk, corporate culture and other relevant aspects of the change process.

2. Consider the evidence Gather and evaluate information, view the situation from the multiple perspectives of the frontline employee to top-level management, draw conclusions and predict consequences.

3. Take action Roll out the plan, ensure feedback loops work, evaluate metrics, and consider when corrections might be warranted and how to make them.

Creative and critical thinkers are able to recognize the value of out-of-the-box and novel ideas and methods to tackle various situations to become effective problem solvers. Continuously work on improving your thinking process to become a change enabler!


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