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How to Market Workshops to Companies? Pointers for HYL Business Workshop Leaders

Every moment of the brilliant workshop designed and delivered by the Gorgeous Sneha and Phenomenal Shash resonates in my mind ever so often. I pray all of you have been surrounded by moments of love, light and laughter since our last meeting in Phuket 2015.

Idea 1: Companies care about their strategic objectives not about training programs primarily. 

There are times when some companies are open to listening to new training programs and they might even sign a deal based on what we show them. (After all the Managing with Heart and Mind is a wonderful workshop) However, more often than not we need to stretch ourselves to understand the psychology of companies. Always consider their perspectives, challenges and vision first. What are they trying to accomplish? What are their unmet needs? All organisations generally are trying to do these three things. This simple acronym (C.E.O) was created by Dr Christopher Fong an Organisational and Clinical Psychologist in Singapore.

CUT: Reduce Costs, Reduce Wastage, Reduce workplace conflicts

EXPAND : Improve Performance, Market Positioning, Capabilities to create a competitive advantage.

OVERSEE: To look ahead to predict and prepare for the future, Look within the company to create synergy, To mitigate risks.

Do read the concept note that was given to us during the program as it contains useful data to help companies understand how we are going to help the company improve their people capabilities. Their staff become more aware of their strengths and blind spots and enhance their communication skills which in turn fosters greater interpersonal collaborations.

Idea 2: Companies usually have a Competency framework for Human Resources Development. 

Most companies have a competency map for their staff. They need to find appropriate workshops and training to help them enhance those dimensions. These competency maps usually have Functional Skills and Soft Skills/Leadership skills dimension. Our workshop would neatly into the soft skills segment.

Idea 3: Understand what you do and more importantly what you don’t do.

To be considered an expert in an area we need to consider our personal brand. Keep affirming for the types of Clients you would like to work with. “I attract wonderfully respectful Clients who love my Heart and Mind workshops who pay me very very well for my services every day (across the world… if you want to travel). My personal advice is to never compromise on your values. Some people might call it being inflexible, I call this being Authentic. Consider your positioning. If you do a range of corporate workshops you can consider yourself a “Developmentalist” Otherwise you can position yourself as a Specialist who does 1 thing extremely well.

Think of the title you might want to put on your name. I recommend you create one separately for the corporate market. Some names which I think companies can connect with easily would be Employee Engagement Specialist, Positive Psychology Specialist, Workplace Wellness Facilitator. Please do more research to make sure it fits your context. A side note on getting feedback on people. Asking family and friends is good, however, they are not your primary audience. Ask business leaders and HR professionals for a more realistic view. Trust your Inner Guidance.

I humbly offer my personal site for your examination

I created this site by myself using It is quite easy once you get yourself familiar with the platform.

Idea 4: How do I get a meeting with Companies?

There are many companies out there who are seeking for Managing with Heart and Mind type programs. There are many ways to market yourself. Never do something for free without getting anything back in return. You can get testimonials, photographs of your training or even a referral. I don’t buy the “It’s for exposure line.” You deserve better!

Traditional Methods: Advertising in media, Brochures, Professionally done Videos

Lower Cost Methods: Social Media, LinkedIn Groups, Referrals, partnering already existing training providers to be an associate trainer, Emails, YouTube presence, Education-based Marketing, Cold calling. Partnering Medical and Wellness Companies. Do check out insurance agencies and see if they are willing to sponsor the session for their Corporate Clients. Many luxury car companies have members clubs and they offer programs for them.

Idea 5: Check for Government Grants 

Search for Health agencies in your country. You might be pleasantly surprised that they have grants to help improve workplace wellness.

Most Important of all Ideas: belief.

Trust the Process and Trust yourself. Affirm for what you want and let the Cosmic Chef prepare your delicious meal. (

With lots of Love!

Do keep in touch!

Ramesh Muthusamy


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