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The Importance of Having a Unified Organization

Here at Alvigor, we believe that a unified organization is one that is best equipped to be optimally efficient. A unified organization has workers who are focused on achieving the company's objectives. Such organizations have more business agility which means that they are able to respond and adapt to change better than its competitors. This is because of increased collaboration between employees and departments. It is crucial for management teams to engage all parts of the organization to build a lasting; authentic relationship.

The importance of Unification cannot be understated, when employees feel part of the group, they are more inclined to work harder for the common goal. It is reflective of the belonging portion of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. This refers to humans' social needs; emotional relationships and friendships. In short, the more workers feel connected to the organization, the more efficient they will be.

Unified organizations have better efficiency, communication, work culture and satisfaction of its employees. Organizations need to create an inclusive working culture where people feel like they belong regardless of their job title or seniority. In an increasingly competitive landscape, it is important for employees to have shared responsibility in achieving the company's objectives. Only then, will organizations beat out the competition. In our experience, having a more united corporation leads to workers being more motivated.

However, it can be tricky bringing individuals together to look at the bigger picture and that no employee is bigger than the organization. You will have rogue individuals who are only concerned in their personal success, weed them out, they will do more harm than good in the long run. Unification is all about developing an organizational wide understanding of the vision and corporate values.

How to unify employees?

1) Show workers that their work matters

2) Take an organizational-wide approach when collecting ideas

3) Consistent Top-Down communication

Show workers that their work matters

One way to do so is by providing all employees, regardless of seniority, with an understanding of how their work contributes to the mission. We have encountered countless individuals who think that their work is insignificant and thus feel like the organization is unaffected whether they do a good job or not.

To combat this, managers should strive to make every employee feel like their work helps contribute to the core mission of the organization, this allows them to feel more aligned with the firm.

Take an organizational-wide approach when collecting ideas

Take on a more democratic approach specifically when it comes to looking for new ideas. Many a times, a common theme in organizations especially large ones, are that the less senior members of staff feel like their voice is not being heard and thus feel more detached from the company.

Providing them with a floor where their suggestions are being heard will greatly help them feel like they are part of the cause. Doing so, cultivates a sense of togetherness that "we are all in this together". It removes the hierarchical cloud that rules over most organizations. It removes the whole "not my concern, it is above my pay grade" attitude that is increasingly prevalent.

Consistent Top-Down communication

Consistent communication from the top-down is one effective way for leaders to create transparency about daily operations and strategic plans. Communication

may seem like a tedious and unnecessary task to management. However, from the employees' perspective, communication could not be more important, it shows that they are valued by their organization.

Think of communication as you popping your head by to check on your employees, giving them a how-you-do and ensuring their well-being. It is crucial for there to be consistent effort made on the part of the organization. Employees can get lost in the bureaucracy, it is important to avoid this as that is how motivational problems arise. Let your employees know that you recognise them, that you value them enough to communicate with them on a regular basis.

You may question the true value of having a united organization, but ask yourself this, surely it can't harm your company to have more united employees? Having employees who are more motivated will help YOU in the long run. These are the ones who will put in the extra effort when no one is looking. Those who will be initiative and resourceful. Invest the time in your team, they are worth it.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much -Helen Keller


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