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Underemployment- A New Crisis

We have all heard of the term, unemployment, especially so with the current economic landscape as bleak as it is. People are losing their jobs all around the world, with around 45 million Americans losing their jobs during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The world is approaching the most devastating economic recession in modern history with people losing jobs and unable to find new ones. Unemployment comes in all shapes and sizes and it is time we consider them to prepare us for the uncertain future.

However, what about underemployment? Are you familiar with its concept? It refers to the underutilisation of human resources as a result of the labour market dysfunction and it can be labelled as an involuntary employment condition.

Human capital is at the heart of your employability, if recruiters view you to be an indispensable and priceless asset, they will be sure to employ you. It is something that we should all bear in mind. Your marketability as a professional determines your job prospects and even future likelihood of success. Optics are pivotal and be sure to make use of them to propel yourself up the corporate ladder.

The preceding infographic will provide a more detailed picture of underemployment, what causes it and the various factors that affect it.

Underemployment is a real phenomena that we are all at risk of facing. It is not a matter of being unskilled, in fact it may be that you are more than qualified for a role. How scary is that? Being qualified for a role but not getting it due to other factors such as your appearance and age.

However, it may boil down to your marketability, you may be perceived in a negative way and you need to be aware of how your marketability can affect your employment chances.

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