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You Can Thank Us Later : 5 Ways To Break The Expectation Trap

Ever been caught in a situation where the expectation by others for you to succeed was overwhelming huge ? What about unwritten expectations in the workplace? Expectations that your local coffee provider gives you a cup of your favourite coffee in the same expected taste and right proportions of sugar and coffee?

Expectations are often judgement, assessment or evaluation that we place on ourselves or to others to able to perform the task or activity. Most people would place expectations on the outcome with some placing more emphasis on the process. Going onboard a first class sector in an aeroplane would have a great expectation on the level of service, food and comfort which seems to have more emphasis on the process. Expectations on your TOP salesperson to secure the billion-dollar contract is an example on expectation on outcome. Regardless of outcome or process, you need to focus on the level of expectation that is being placed on yourself or others.

Heard of the term " Lower your expectations so that you do not fall so hard" ? try telling that to a professional athlete who has been training hard for the olympics. What do you think the response would be? No way, I have to aim high because i am representing my country.

Now there are definitely times that you and I have fallen below expectations set by our bosses, colleagues, teachers or even friends, the most important aspect is what was your expectation of yourself in those situations?

Was your expectation the same as what others had? Was it way below your normal level of performance?


Prior expectations pushes you to make consideration before taking action, falling below expectation can take a toll on your emotions as well. The expectation trap causes us to create barriers that prevents us from taking the right actions to move past our failures and disappointments.

So how to manage our own expectations of ourselves and get out of the expectation trap?

#1: Give Yourself Time

We want stuff when we want it—but that can make us hard on ourselves in terms of personal expectations. Ambition is a great thing in healthy doses, but if we expect to instantly achieve our goals, it creates internal conflict. Be mindful of your own timeline as you set goals and objectives, and make sure you have a realistic plan to get you there.

#2: Learn As You Go

When you govern your lives by your personal expectations, it can really destroy your day. When you criticize yourself harshly for any failure, it creates a struggle for yourself daily for not keeping up to expectations. Instead, think of yourself as an explorer going through life, rather than someone with a path dictated by expectations. Whether you succeed or fail, your overall expectation should simply be to learn as you go.

#3: Set Achievable Goals

Take control of your own expectations by setting achievable goals to help you be in control

of your targets and decide when it is best to move the needle higher. When the goal becomes too easy to achieve, then move the difficulty up a notch to avoid the drama of not realizing your own expectations

#4 : Adapt to Changing Expectations

Take a deep breath, consider your choices and options to be in control of the changing dynamic landscape of your new situations. When things go wrong, or situations change, try your best not to act emotionally. It’s easy to feel like a failure when things shift, leaving you unable to reach your own goals—and we sometimes try to blindly continue without reconsidering our expectations.

#5: Predict Others’ Expectations

Being a predictor of the expectations of others, of course, from trusted and people whom you think are worth to have expectations of you. This can help you in setting of your achievable goals as outlined in #3.Knowing where others stand in terms of their own personal issues and beliefs can help you understand where their expectations come from.

Expectations can shape your reality, go forth and decide what is best for you. At the same time, stay positive and pursue your goals!!

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