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A Concept From A Thinking Model That Many Would Not Heard Or Seen

The Hurson's Production Thinking Model

Hurson suggests that creativity is an essential component of problem solving. If problem solvers are not creative, a business will struggle to appreciate the broader issues around a problem, and they will fail to recognize the soundest solutions. Even worse, they may fail to solve the problem.

So how would you use it?

1️⃣Ask “What is going on?

  1. What is the problem? / What is the question?

  2. What is the impact of this possible problem?

  3. What information do we already have? What information do we need in relation to the problem and/or question?

  4. Who is already involved in the problem or question?

  5. What is the vision of the situation and what does the Target Future look like?

2️⃣Ask “What is success?”

  • What is our Target Future?

  • What does it look like?

  • Is it achievable?

  • Utilize the “DRIVE” acronym – do –restrictions – investment – values – essential outcomes – to help them write this description.

3️⃣Ask “What is the question?”

The group analyse all the information gathered in the previous two steps – the problem definition, and the vision of success. Then the group compile a list of questions that need answering in relation to achieving the target future. They should be creative questions that may seem unlikely or improbable.

How can we…?

How will we…?

How might we?

This should create a long list of questions that can then be refined down to the most relevant.

4️⃣Generate answers.

Creative thinking is used to generate as many potential solutions as possible. At this stage long lists of ideas and answers are created from which the best ones are chosen. This stage is not yet about definitive solutions, but it establishes a basis.

5️⃣Forge the solution.

This solution is then developed in more detail. As with the other steps this involves questions.

What else could make this idea better?

How could the PS group or problem solver refine the solution to fit the success criteria?

Can we integrate any of our other ideas to strengthen the idea?

What challenges do we face and how can they be overcome?

6️⃣Align resources.

This step identifies the people and other resources that are required in order to implement the preferred solution. Again questions are used.

Who do we need?

What do we need?

Is anyone else going to be affected?

How long will it take, and can we speed it up?

This part of the process will have to be fleshed out in detail and is therefore relatively time consuming.

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