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What Does Sense Making Really Mean?

With our #decisionmaking and #creativethinking series, let's expand on the critical core skills singapore ( scoped into thinking critically) , focusing on sense making...making sense of information is something that we do on a daily basis .

So do you know who founded the word "Sense Making" ?

Compared to 10 years ago, the access to data and information has become easy for anybody except for encrypted data. And yet, with so much data, it is difficult for people to make sense of the data and information if they have not honed sensemaking skill.

Sensemaking, a term introduced by Karl Weick, refers to how we structure the unknown so as to be able to act in it.

Sensemaking involves coming up with a plausible understanding—a map—of a shifting world; testing this map with others through data collection, action, and conversation; and then refining, or abandoning, the map depending on how credible it is.

In the realm of organizations, sensemaking can mean venturing new markets, understanding a problem, figuring out why current model of learning not working. It can also mean learning about new cultures, new customer demographics or new technologies.

What can sense making do for you?

It is not just about problem solving, sense making allows us to prevent more problems from arising

So in this series, we will explore into

How to collect information? How to organise information? How to process information? How To Analyze Data to See Patterns? How To Extrapolate data and turn into useful insights?


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