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Need A Fast And Quick Decision Making Tool : this is something that most of us have done before..

This tool for decision making can be done quick and easy for fast and less risky decisions. This is probably something that most of us do even in everyday things such as shopping, taking the public transport or deciding what is for dinner.

The tool is a pro and cons list where Pros are arguments FOR taking a particular path. Cons are arguments AGAINST. This list is a fast way to reduce any uncertainties before making the plunge.

To help make the list more effective, it is important to follow the steps as outlined:

Identify the question before exploring the pros and cons These questions could be : - Should I sign up for the certification program? - Dine in or out? - Pay in full or instalments - Participate in virtual meeting?

List the pros and cons based on the question (this is usually done when you own research ends up in vain) *Great Tip - gathering opinions from others can be useful, at the same time, relying on opinions may not be in your best interest

Asking questions can help you realize some of the benefits associated with each outcome, such as: What are the main benefits of this decision? What favorable outcome would you receive that you don’t currently have? What could you accomplish? How does it position you in the future? How does it impact others?
To help you determine some of the cons: What are you giving up? What are the risks associated with this decision? What challenges does the position present, and could you overcome them? How would this position impede or possibly defer your progression?

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