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The 3 Tell-Tale Signs That You Are An Adaptable Leader

Do you accept change as a positive opportunity or sigh at the first sight?

Are you game to try a different way of working?

How did you respond when your team had to work remotely? If you were asked to shift your roles and responsibility to something totally different, would you take it on?

The global pandemic has brought about the necessity to adapt to new norms and changes which includes traveling out only for essentials, wearing masks , checking for temperature , scanning of IDs. All these had to be done to ensure that local community infections were brought to a halt, individuals had to adapt fast to prevent the infections from spreading.

What was the impact on how the way we worked?

Business and companies were forced to shut physical premises and shift most or if not all business operations to remote working practices if the business is not considered essential. Leaders had to adapt to new changes on how they communicate virtually and ensure that business still continues.

Here are the 3 tell-tale signs that you are an "adaptable leader" ? Read through each of the sentences and take note if you agree or disagree?

Number #1: Being Naturally Curious

“Curious people are non-blaming, non-shaming, and supportive, working together, focused on exploring options to find the best solution, one that supports collaboration and leads to innovation,” "Curious people love to ask questions like how, what, when, where and why"

"Love surprises and loves the thrill of anxiety and adventure" " Not afraid to say I don't know and seek to find out" "You believe that there is always something more to learn, and that pushes you to never stop exploring the subject of your liking."

Number #2: Ability To See Opportunity In Any Circumstances

"You are a firm advocate of using positive language. You replace words and phrases like “impossible” and “I can’t” with words that emphasize strength and success: “challenging” and “I must.” "You Let go of mistakes. You Learn what you can and move on instead of beating yourself up over and over."

" You are thankful for tribulations, challenges and obstacles and see them a way to build your resilience"

"When problem arises, your first reaction is how can it be solved in a gentle tone rather than WHY IS THERE A PROBLEM :) ?

Number #3: Resourceful

"You naturally possess a wandering mind which helps you to imagine what possibilities or alternatives could be used" "You take the initiative to find solutions and never settle for less" "You are relentless in your quest for a hundred different ways of how something can be done" "Anxiety and frustration are your best cheerleaders to push for resourcefulness"

Did you agree with most of the sentence ?


Did you disagree more?

Either way, there is room for developing your adaptability

In conclusion, the adaptability in leadership is not just a skill honed by the leader but by how they help their members develop the elasticity of adaptability in them. In leading change, it is essential for a skill like adaptability to be present else it would be catastrophic. Find out more about leading the change ,


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