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"May The Force Be With You" - Can You Guess Which Decision Making Tool?

Decision Making impacts businesses, human resource and the bottom line, we are now exploring tool #3 and has a relevant to the all famous line " May the force be with you", can you guess what is the tool? Force Field Analysis

is a tool that provides a perspective on the forces at work when trying to make any changes in organizations. It is in the process of change that decisions needs to be made. In any decision, it is essential to have a goal or a vision to guide the decision making process.

The process begins with identifying 2 major forces as outlined :

👉Driving forces, which help achieve the goal or vision, are shown as arrows pointing to the right in the same direction as the large arrow at the top.

👉Restraining forces, which hinder goal achievement, are the arrows pointing to the left in the opposite direction from the large arrow at the top.

In listing the driving forces, getting groups can help to increase the findings and discoveries. These can be arguments in favour of the change, benefits of the change and also groups or individuals who will support or benefit from the change. We rank these by giving each force a number from 1 to 10; the stronger the force, the higher the number.


  • List all the hindering or restraining forces. These are the drawbacks, risks, costs and reasons not to make the change. We also list those groups, departments or individuals who might oppose the change or suffer some negative consequence of the change.

  • Once again we rate these forces from 1 to 10 depending on the strength of the forces. We then draw all the forces as arrows bearing onto the block in the middle as shown in the diagram.


  • Brainstorm each item in turn starting with the largest forces. For each driving force we come up with ideas to make the force more powerful.

  • For each hindering force we think of ideas to overcome or mitigate it. We can do this with post-it notes or on a flip chart.


Select the most effective ideas for all the forces and that becomes our action plan to improve implementation of the change.

But of course, there is a part that can be improved in this framework,

to gather the irrational and emotional side of arguments while taking into account of the factual points.


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